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Our Story

Welcome to Homey Path, your premier source of elegant, high-quality outdoor furniture that’s not going to burn a hole in your pocket.

Our team surveyed over 300 families that are looking for quality outdoor furniture and we realized they shared the same frustration and disappointment when shopping for their outdoor furniture. They are overwhelmed by the selections that the big box retailers offer. Going over the catalogs made them soon realize that they just want something simple that serves the purpose of providing comfortable outdoor livings without breaking their wallet.

That is why Homey Path was created. Founded with more than 20 years of outdoor furniture experience, we essentially understand what matters the most to our customers.

Our Unique Focus


Just like who we are, our products are made with minimalist style. Our design team omits the unnecessary and concentrates on providing you comfy and easy-to-care outdoor living solutions.


We carefully pick the best-in-class materials that will last years down the road. Our refined craftsmanship also ensures that our products are durable and reliable. You will enjoy your quality time with loved ones season after season.


With the focus on what we offer to our customers, we have streamlined our manufacturing process to keep our customers in mind. By cutting out all unnecessary expenses such as glowing catalogs and fancy showrooms, we can pass those savings onto you. Making money is probably the least important thing on our list.

Superior Customer Service

Buying from Homey Path means you trust us. Well, we will bring the trust to the next level. We make ourselves available to answer all the questions you will have from making the decision to taking care of your furniture. Please be assured that we are committed to our mission.

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