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Bars and nightclubs are extremely popular these days. In fact, Bars are considered the ultimate fun place for youngsters. Besides providing dining services, these bars are the ultimate place for friends’ gatherings. Moreover, compared to restaurants, bars can be incredibly cheap and multi-functional. In a bar, one can order snacks, buy food, drinks, and coffees. 

Even in some bars, you can find a DJ, and one can even dance. They are a more low-key place to visit with friends and colleagues, and one can even stay for hours there just by ordering a single drink. This indicates that in bars, there is no order limit.

Besides visiting with friends, peers, and colleagues, you can also go to a bar to spend some alone time. You can order a coffee there, sit and relax, or maybe read a book there. And you can do it all without even getting questions. 

This is probably the best part about bars: you can spend as much time there as you want until the bar gets closed. However, some people get confused about the difference between a bar, pub, cafe, and a club. Therefore, if the question also puzzles you, you are at the right place to get your confusion cleared.

Difference Between Bar, Club, Pub, and Cafe

Let’s start with the odd term first. The utterly odd term between the four is the club. The club is typically a huge place and can easily accommodate many people. Usually, it has a dance floor and a music system. Some large clubs even have a DJ in them. Food is generally not served in clubs. Only drinks and snacks are available in clubs.

Now let’s head onto the café terminology. A café is a cozy and comfortable place where coffees, teas, and juices are sold. One can sit there for hours even after buying a single coffee.

Whereas a bar is where alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are primarily served. In most bars, food and snacks are also served. Though they mainly serve salads and fast food, you cannot find cuisines typically in bars. Bars are usually compact and cozy places, which are made ultra-comfortable to make people relax. There is no time limit in bars, and one can sit there for hours until the bar closes.

On the other hand, a pub is a mini-bar that primarily serves local boozy drinks and fast foods. It is much smaller and lowkey than a bar. Pubs are frequently found in Europe and are quite traditional over there.

Bars are undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and fun places to visit with friends. They are not small like pubs and aren’t too expensive and crowded like clubs. You can easily find drinks, coffee, and food all in one place. Therefore, if you seek some of the best bars in Wicker Park, then you are at the right place. Here in this list, you will find a list of some of the best bars that you find around the wicker park area in Chicago.

Best Bars in Wicker Park

The following are some of the best bars in Wicker Park.

The Violet Hour

If you want the best cocktails in the town, then the Violet Hour is the place to head for. It is a pretty comfortable place to be, where you can crash anytime without even making reservations and bookings. The place is pretty cozy and comfortable. However, it is a pretty hidden place around Wicker Park. You will find its entrance near a mural across the street from Big Star. This bar is quite luxurious and thus expensive; however, undoubtedly you will have the best time there.

Remedy Bar

For those seeking a low-key bar that is also not very expensive, check out the Remedy Bar. It is one of the few bars in Wicker Park that remains open even after midnight. The bar remains open until four in the morning. Therefore, you can hit the bar anytime. It is perfect for 2 am parties, and they even have a jukebox at the bar.

Emporium Arcade Bar

Emporium Arcade Bar is the most-fun bar around the Wicker Bar. Besides the customers with drinks, cocktails, and snakes, this bar also provides arcade services. If you want to have a long entertaining night with your friends or colleagues in a place around Wicker Park, then surely try this one. They have several arcade games in the bar and a wide range of selected drinks, including martinis. Moreover, the place is spacious and does not require making any reservations. It is a perfect home and comfortable to be in.


That seeking vegan/vegetarian food along with a bar should head to this place. It is a two -part vegan restaurant and a one-part bar. One can dine in with peers in the restaurant and then switch to the bar for drinks and late-night staying.

The Map Room

This place is ultimately for the lovers of beer. At Map Room, you will find an expansive range of beers from all over the world. However, if you are inexperienced in choosing drinks, their well-known bartenders with sheer information and experience will help you explore your taste. Moreover, this bar also serves as a cafe in the morning. And to be honest, their coffee is also no less than amazing.

Big Star

When talking about bars in Wicker Park, we can surely not miss the infamous Big Star. It is a big spacious bar that can easily accommodate tons of people at a time. This means you won’t have to wait in lines for your turn at this bar. 

Moreover, besides serving drinks, they also have different flavors of tacos on their menu. However, the best part about Big Star is that it is not too expensive and its quality is still the best.

These were some of the best bars in Wicker Park. Not only is their menu great and broad, but their quality is also the best of the best.

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