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High back wicker chairs are extremely popular these days. They do not only impose an attractive look on the house, but they are also tremendously comfortable. And if someone is facing back pain issues, then a high back chair can prove enormously therapeutic. 

Some physicians even recommend high-back wicker chairs for older people with bone pain. Moreover, high-back chairs are not only suitable for homes, but if you want to give your office a creative touch, then high-back chairs can also prove beneficial in this task. Therefore, if you want to add some comfortable yet functional furniture to your place, then a high-back is one of the options to opt for.

There exist multiple types of high-back chairs in the market. Some are made with leather; some are made with cotton cloth, while some are made of local polyester. The price of a high-back wicker chair depends upon the cost and quality of the material it is made from. 

Some designer high-back chairs are also available, made from luxury quality material. Moreover, you can even customize the high-back chair. However, the luxury and customized high-back chairs cost much more than the locally-made chairs.

One of the most frequently used materials for making high-back wicker chairs recently popular is wicker. However, if you don’t know what wicker is, let us give you a brief introduction.

Introduction to Wicker

Wicker is a handmade technique for making furniture and other miscellaneous items from pliable plant stalks. The stalks are woven together to form a structure. The material can be obtained from different plants such as bamboo, rattan, willow, and reed. Moreover, these days’ synthetic materials are also used for making wicker. However, the material considered best for making wicker furniture is rattan.

The most commonly made stuff from wicker includes baskets, furniture, hats, rugs, etc. Furniture made with wicker was originally made in coastal areas. Since 2000, when the bohemian culture became trendy, wicker furniture became famous. 


Today, wicker stuff is considered one of the most fundamental parts of boho culture. Now, wicker furniture and hats are used and available in all parts of the world. Furniture made with wicker is mostly preferred as outdoor furniture. Another reason wicker furniture is famous is that it is tremendously affordable compared to other handmade materials.

Why Wicker Are Chairs Good?

Diverse types of furniture can be made from wicker. And if you are wondering whether high-back chairs made with wicker are available, then yes, they are. Wicker high-back chairs are also extremely comfortable and affordable. For those seeking something different yet stylish for their house, wicker chairs are perfect then. Usually, high-back chairs made with other materials do not come in many shapes and styles. They are just typical clothed seats or sofas.

However, wicker high-back chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And if you are wondering whether wicker comes in different shades, then it is also possible. These are some of the most natural colors for wicker furniture, from light brown to camel and dark chocolate colors. But you can also get your wicker paint or color it yourself to customize it.

Moreover, if you want a high-back chair within a budget, then you can surely check the ones made with wicker. Despite being hand-woven and crafted, wicker high-back chairs are much lower in their price compared to the other ones. The reason is that most of the cost for wicker-made material comprises its manufacturing.

The material used for making wicker is incredibly cheap and readily available. Therefore, even high-quality wicker is much more affordable than other materials such as leather and polyester. As a result, consequently, wicker high-back chairs are more affordable despite being handmade and tremendously stylish-looking.

But unlike other advanced high-back chairs, which can be automatically operated, wicker chairs are utterly manual. However, if you prefer organic and natural surroundings and want such furniture, they will make a great addition again.

Cleaning Wicker Furniture

People always get confused thinking about cleaning wicker furniture. Therefore, if you don’t know how to clean wicker furniture, you are in the right place to get your confusion cleared. Since the wicker is wood-like, people get confused, thinking that it may get destroyed or swollen if it gets in touch with water or a wet piece of cloth. However, it is utterly their misconception.

Though it cannot be washed with water, you can still clean wicker high-back chairs with a wet cloth. The best way to clean the wicker high-back chair is enlisted below. Using this method, you can efficiently maintain the hygiene and looks of your wicker chairs.

  • Take one cup of warm water in a bucket.
  • Then dissolve a half spoon of dishwashing soap in it.
  • Let the solution sit for about three minutes.
  • Take a clean towel and wet it in the solution.
  • Now squeeze the towel after it has sufficient water.
  • Then take the wet cloth and use it to clean the wicker chairs.
  • After cleaning the chairs with a wet cloth, leave them outdoors to get air-dried.

This is the precise method of cleaning the wicker high-back chairs. Using too much water can damage the wicker. Therefore, using the optimistic cleaning method is pretty mandatory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of wicker is the best?

Those who want the best quality wicker furniture should seek the wicker made with rattan. Wicker made with rattan is durable and firm and easier to clean than other types of wickers.

Can you paint wicker-made furniture?

Yes, you can paint wicker furniture easily. However, do not use watercolors on wicker.

Which type of paint is suitable for coloring wicker-made objects?

If you want to paint wicker, then prefer spray paints for that purpose. Spray paints will help you color the wicker furniture in no time without damaging the wicker.

How should you rejuvenate wicker furniture and hats?

Take four spoons of bleach in a cup of warm water. Mix the solution and then, with the help of a cleaning brush, clean the wicker. However, make sure that the brush’s bristles are not too harsh.

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