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We have been extremely selective in the materials on our products. They are not just cosmetically appealing, also very durable and eco-friendly. We have adopted the best-in-class craftsmanship and continued our focus on the details that differentiate us from our competitors.

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Homey Path furniture is exclusively designed with Sunbrella® fabrics. Highly-durable and comfortable, Sunbrella® fabrics are so well engineered to withstand the elements for years to come. So why is Sunbrella® fabric so good.


Frame 5
Frame 11

We use high-density, open-cell foam, making your cushions the perfect combination of comfort and durability. Our cushions are at least 5” thick to provide solid support and hold up over time. The thickness  and density of our cushion makes our furniture to be as comfortable as your living room sofa. 

The open-cell feature allows air and water to circulate. Paired perfectly with Sunbrella® fabrics, our cushions are basically maintenance free in sun, rain, and snow. Just turn your cushion on its side when rain comes, it will dry in no time.


Frame 6

Our premium craftsmanship is how we set us apart from our competitors. Our team pays extreme attention to details when these beautiful rattans are put together. We leverage years of experience and effective techniques to hand craft the wicker and make our furniture reliable in different settings.

Our All-Weather wicker, made from 100% HDPE resin. HDPE resin is made from 100% recycled material and is incredibly resilient against constant exposure to the elements. Our wicker is infused with UV Inhibitors that prevent fading and they will not peel off over time. The high-density nature gives you the confidence to retain the beauty year after year. To clean them, just hose off. It is that simple.



Our frame is built with powder-coated aluminum. They are incredibly resistant to rust and corrosion caused by constant intense outdoor exposure. The lightness of aluminum allows you to move and re-position them easily while still providing strong and reliable structure.

The frame is seamlessly welded together with an advanced gas welding process. This process is extremely clean and precise. The high-quality welds produced by our skilled technician rigidly connect different sections together. Therefore, our furniture base is very strong to accommodate customers of any weight.

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