Wicker Egg Shaped Chair – Affordable

The ovoid egg form appeared in seating furniture during the twentieth century, according to Julie Muiz, a chair enthusiast as well as an independent curator and art consultant. “Arne Jacobsen designed the first and most famous Egg chair in 1958 for Copenhagen’s SAS Royal Hotel. 

For the hotel’s public lobby spaces, Jacobsen wanted to design seating that gave a sense of privacy. She describes his Egg chair as “basically a modernized wing chair with sleek lines and a pedestal base. “According to Muiz, the name comes from the curved ovoid shape, as well as “the way that shape nestles the sitter providing comfort and protection.” The hanging egg chair was designed by Nanna and Jorgen Ditzel in 1959. “Made of rattan, their chair was more closely modelled after Jacobsen’s egg shape. Hanging the chair allowed the sitter to swing, which intensified the feeling of being cradled,” the curator explains.

Wicker Egg Shaped Chair

A wicker shaped egg chair, with its spacious and inviting open weave design, is ideal for relaxing, reading a good book in the shade, or sipping your favourite drink in the sun. Although a hanging chair is built to handle one person, there are now more double egg chairs on the market that can accommodate two people. Another important point to remember is to always check the maximum weight and adhere to it for your safety.

The majority of these garden wicker shaped egg chairs are made of resin, textilene, or synthetic rattan and wicker. It must be weather resistant and UV protected because it will be exposed to direct sunlight and will most likely remain there. When not in use, however, store or cover cushions to protect them. If a chair cover isn’t provided, we recommend purchasing one to protect it from the elements: sun, wind, cloudy weather, freezing rain, moisture, bird droppings, dust, and so on.

Features of Wicker Egg Shaped Chair:


Often these Wicker shaped egg chairs are small and take up little space. However, identifying precisely your room before purchasing one is still a good idea.


Fabric seats and aluminium, wood, wicker, or plastic frames are the most common materials used in egg chairs. To provide extra comfort, pillows and cushions are stuffed with down, textiles, or synthesised beads. Fabric strings or metal chains will be used to hang an egg chair from the ceiling.

 Weight Capacity

Most one-person egg chairs can hold 200–300 pounds, while two-person egg chairs can hold 500–600 pounds. Consider how many people will be using your egg chair on a regular basis before selecting a size and weight capacity.

Moving feature

Egg chairs move in a similar way to rocking chairs or hammocks, creating a soothing motion. Hanging models swivel and rock, while models attached to a stand swivel and rock.


An egg chair’s frame is usually a neutral colour like white, brown, black, or beige. The colors for cushions and pillows range from neutral to bright hues like red and blue, allowing for customization.

Spending an afternoon on a poolside lounger is certainly relaxing. But about the outdoor hanging chair which is a thing of beauty. These simple, suspended seats have it all: a cocoon-like embrace to get comfortable in, essentially built-in shade, the perfect breeze, and a gentle rocking motion that will likely put you to sleep.

The best part perhaps is that the hanging chair provides a completely alone place to get away from it all as this long, hot summer of continued social distancing continues. You can put one in almost any outdoor space with a sturdy support system, such as your porch, on its own stand, or on a branch if you have one.

A hanging chair is a great accent for a living room, bedroom, or anywhere else a reading nook is needed. Wicker shaped egg chairs in a variety of styles are available, ranging from sculptural rattan to practical canvas to washable nylon camping options.

High-Density Material

High-density material with incredible service life: The art to real wicker shaped egg hanging chairs is made of white high-density rattan PE material. On the one side, it protects the basket’s aluminium tube from prolonged sunlight exposure, extending its service life. 

  • When used in the sun, on the other hand, it will not be excessively hot when tried contacting. 
  • The basket swing chair has an incredible service life due to its corrosion resistance, non-static properties, great flexibility, and lack of fading even in the sun and rain. 
  • Eye-Catching egg melded hanging swing chair is an inviting wicker patio swing that will transport you to a peaceful oasis in your own backyard. With a modern hanging chair that is perfect for relaxing, you can fulfil the demand of your outdoor space. 
  • Hanging in multiple ways, the stainless steel hardware sets that come with this hanging swing chair include a stainless steel pad-screw, spring snap hook, expansion screws, and ordinary screws. 
  • It can be suspended from the ceiling or paired with a C stand for a more convenient installation and placement in your home. 
  • It is perfect for a backyard, porch, sunroom, or garden, as well as the porch, poolside, or outdoor bar. Enjoying time in the egg-shaped swing chair while listening to music, drinking coffee, reading, or simply relaxing

Swing seat with large space and comfortable cushion and pillow that is easy to remove and clean. Weight Limit is 365 lbs, which is suitable for the majority of people. This indoor and outdoor wicker shaped egg chair is perfect for relaxing on the patio or in the living room. Indoors, stand-alone swing webbing straps are popular in lounges, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Weather and UV protection are included. The chair has a white powder-coated steel frame that is covered in white resin wicker that is soft to the touch. A hanging chair can be used to brighten up your back porch, backyard, porch, and poolside.

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