Does Wicker hold up Outdoors? – Tips

Wicker is one of the most affordable, good-looking, yet underrated stuff used to manufacture pots, household stuff, and outdoor furniture. However, if you don’t know what the wicker is, let’s first briefly introduce it.

Composition of Wicker

Wicker is an organic material made with plant stalks. These stalks usually come from rattan, reek, bamboo, and willow. The most traditionally used material for wicker manufacturing is rattan. However, these days, synthetic fibers and artificial resin are also used to manufacture wicker. The wicker is added to make the material even sturdier and firmer.

An expert craftsman weaves together long stalks of plants and synthetic fibers to make different structures. Years of expertise and ultimate skill are required for weaving wicker. If not handled carefully, the woven can get damaged or even break. Artisans thus handpick the stalks to ensure that they are firm enough.

Origin of Wicker

The word wicker is originated from the Scandinavian origin and translates to the word ‘willow’ in the Swedish language. The wicker initially got famous in the coastal areas and riverside places, and it was soon that its functionality got popular all around the world.

Use of Wicker

The wicker is a lightweight yet sturdy material that has been used to make outdoor furniture for years. Wickerwork and rush work is popular in England, Thailand, Australia, and other coastal areas. Wicker outdoor coffee tables, sofas, couches, and chairs are extremely infamous.

Besides being used for furniture making, they also make storage cases, boxes, decorative pots, hats, bags, and floor mats. They are extremely functional and prove to be better than clothed seats and chairs since they are easy to clean and maintain.

Is Wicker Furniture Any Good?

Wicker furniture is getting extremely popular, thanks to its solid functionality. They do not require frequent cleaning and are pretty lightweight to move around. If you want to give your home or office a bohemian touch, opt for wicker furniture since it is an utter representative of the bohemian culture.

Despite being easy to carry around, the wicker furniture is pretty sturdy. However, one of people’s most frequently asked questions is, does wicker hold up outdoors? Thus, if this question puzzles you too and confuses you while buying wicker-made furniture, then here you are at the right place to get all of your confusion cleared.

Does Wicker Hold Up Outdoors?

One of the primary reasons why wicker material is preferred as outdoor furniture is that it can easily hold up in outdoor placements and has enough capacity to withstand the harsh weather to some extent.

Furniture made with other materials such as wood and metal cannot hold efficiently outdoors. The wood can get soggy and soft soon since it can soak up moisture. And the metal can get rusty, which cannot only lessen the strength of the furniture but can also look unattractive and even ugly.

But there is no such thing as wicker furniture. First, the wicker furniture looks extremely beautiful and gives the space a chic bohemian look. And as mentioned earlier, wicker does not require frequent cleaning, so it is considered a viable option for outdoor placements. Moreover, since the wicker comes from plant stalks, it has enough potential to survive in hot, humid, and cold areas efficiently.

However, if the furniture is made with natural wicker, you should not consistently expose it to harsh weather. Therefore, if you want outdoor furniture that can hold up outdoors for prolonged periods, then prefer wicker furniture made with synthetic fibers and man-made resin. The fibers and resin have a superior power to withstand environmental conditions.

Now, as far as tolerating the rain is concerned, then it is advised that you should place it continuously under the rain. It can soften the woven stalks by absorbing water. This water can seep into the core and can damage the entire furniture. Therefore, the viable option is to take the wicker furniture indoors whenever it rains.

However, with various styles introduced into the wicker industry, water-proof wicker furniture is now introduced into the market. However, the weather-resistant furniture can be pretty expensive compared to the traditionally made wicker stuff.

Cost of Wicker-Made Furniture

The cost of furniture made with wicker can vary depending on its features. The wicker is not that expensive; however, the craftsmanship comprises the major portion of the price.

The ones made with synthetic fibers can even cost more, since they can withstand harsh weather conditions. The furniture made with wicker can also be customized, and even there are now designers in the market who are making wicker-made stuff. However, if you opt for customization, then it can cost more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which wicker can last outdoors most?

The furniture made with synthetic wicker can last outdoors the most. However, the wicker coated with resin can also withstand harsh temperatures easily.

How to protect the wicker from getting damaged by the sun’s rays?

Simply apply a marine varnish to the furniture from time to time, depending on how harsh or hot the temperature is. Applying the varnish will protect the stalks of the wicker from getting damaged and give it a polished look and increase its lifetime.

 Can the furniture made with wicker get wet?

Though the best-quality wicker furniture can endure harsh environmental temperatures, it is not designed to withstand rainy weather. Once or twice, it can handle such incidents, but the best viable option is to protect it from getting wet.

Which spray is the best to protect the wicker furniture?

The spray that can be used to protect the wicker furniture is the lacquer sealer spray. Spray this clear spray over the wicker furniture and wait for the wicker to soak it utterly and get dry. Despite the lacquer, shellac oil or tung oil can also be preferred for preserving the wicker. The sealant can help the furniture to last for at least 6 months.

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