Wicker Outdoor Coffee Tables Guide with HomeyPath

Wicker Outdoor Coffee Tables are getting popular day by day thanks to their convenience. However, if you don’t know what a coffee table is, let’s briefly introduce it.

Coffee Table

A coffee table is a low-height table designed to be placed in a living room or a sitting area. It is meant for setting remote controls, holding beverages, magazines, and newspapers. Typically, these coffee tables are 15 to 20 inches high and shorter than the tea tables as high as 27 to 30 inches.

Besides its short height, it is a long coffee table, so that it can hold magazines and other stuff easily. The living or sitting room is the most frequently used room in the entire house. It is where the house members spend time together and maybe watch television. Therefore, a table in a living room is pretty mandatory. Thus, having a coffee table is more of a need than a luxury. Besides being used in living rooms, a coffee table can also be placed outdoors or in offices. They are compact, minimalist, and can be used for multi-purposes.

Wicker Outdoor Coffee Tables

Thus, if you seek a coffee table for outdoor placement, then the best outdoor coffee tables are “wicker outdoor coffee tables.” Just like its name indicates, it is made from the material ‘ Wicker.’

Wicker is derived from plant stalks such as willow, bamboo, reed, and rattan. However, synthetic fibers can also be used for its manufacturing. One mandatory point to notice is that it is manufactured from plants, not trees.

Wicker is a lightweight yet sturdy and firm material; therefore, it is often used in making furniture, pots, and other household stuff. Furniture made with wicker material is most frequently placed in outdoor settings and is extremely popular in coastal and river-side areas.

Coffee tables made with Wicker are extremely popular for outdoor settings. Besides being lightweight, furniture made with wicker material is extremely affordable. That is why people buy it for outdoor placements. They get less dusty, and most of the time, the wicker is made waterproof, making it even more friendly to outdoor places.

Hand-Crafted Wicker Coffee Tables

Yes, the wicker coffee tables are utterly hand-crafted and designed, which is quite a novelty for furniture. Handmade resin and hand-picked Wicker are used in making the wicker furniture.

The wicker coffee tables are handmade by professional wickers in different styles. The craftsmen should have years of experience to make this sort of furniture. Thus, despite the wicker material being affordable, expertise and craftsmanship increase the market value of Wicker outdoor coffee tables.

Different Shapes of a Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table

Coffee tables with stuff other than Wicker can get boring since they all come in regular round and square sizes. However, if you want some creative outdoor tables, try the Wicker ones.

Since the wicker outdoor coffee tables are hand-crafted, they can be made into different shapes and styles. Multiple various forms exist, from the circle, oval, rectangle, and square to cylindrical wicker tables. Moreover, the wicker outdoor coffee tables can also be customized. All you will be required to perform is instruct the craftsman to customize the coffee table according to your desire.

Despite different shapes, furniture made with Wicker can also come in different colors. Wicker can be painted, but you will need oil paint for such a purpose. You can also use different-colored stalks of various plants if you want a colored wicker outdoor coffee table.

Cost of a Wicker Outdoor Coffee Table

The Wicker is itself affordable, but its furniture is still heavily priced since it is organically made and requires utterly professional craftsmanship. Therefore, a huge percentage of its price is charged for the performed craftsmanship and not the material used to make it.

Still, the wicker table, especially the Wicker outdoor coffee table, is much more affordable than furniture made with other kinds of materials. Therefore, if you seek good-quality furniture that can be placed outdoors, but is on a budget, then the better choice is to opt for furniture made with Wicker.

However, if you opt for customizing the furniture or want to add other materials such as aluminum or metal as the feet of the table, its price will ultimately increase up to certain levels. Since the 2000s, when the boohoo and hippie style became trendy, furniture made with Wicker has also become extremely popular and is considered utterly stylish.

This wicker-made furniture might not be as expensive or luxurious, but they look great, and a wicker outdoor coffee table will make a great value addition to your house.

Are Wicker Outdoor Coffee Tables Hard to Find?

Indeed, furniture made with Wicker is not readily available. Besides requiring a professional artisan, it also requires materials that are pretty hard to find for its manufacturing. The wicker is generally obtained from plants like rattan and bamboo, which typically grow in tropical environments or near coastal areas. Moreover, if artificially cultivated, it can require ultimate care, which requires professionals for this task.

However, thanks to the e-commerce sites, wicker outdoor coffee tables are easily available all over the Internet. Some e-commerce sites also allow you to customize the tables according to your choice. Some luxury forms of wicker coffee tables are also available over the Internet. These come at a pretty hefty price.

Frequently Asked Questions:

From where does wicker rattan furniture come from?

The rattan wicker comes from the tropical parts of Africa, Australia, and China. Farmers gather and process it as it grows on the forest floor, scaling fruit, cedar, and rubber trees.

Which kind of Wicker is best?

The original and real kind of Wicker is organic Wicker. While this is correct, it is not practical for use outside.

Is wicker weather-resistant?

Even the tiniest bit of moisture from rain or humidity will cause traditional Wicker to distort over time. Therefore, always prefer resin-coated, weather-resistant, wicker outdoor coffee tables.

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