Wicker Patio Furniture Cushions – Helpful Tips

Your patio furniture will look classy and cozy with cushions for wicker furniture! These wicker patio furniture cushions will help you relax in the summer sun while sitting on your outdoor furniture. Your backyard can add a perfect balance of style and utility with these cushions, whether you’re lounging by the pool or entertaining guests for a barbeque.

I was expecting this set to be a little more extensive, but it turned smaller. I am impressed with its construction and the comfortable cushions on the chairs. They wouldn’t stay on after pulling out the cushions, so I bought the two-sided tape, which has worked well so far.

Now we’ll discuss the cushions made of 

  • Polyester Spun Fabric
  • Sunbrella fabric

Polyester Spun Fabric

The Spun Polyester Fabric that we offer comes in about 40 different types. These synthetic fabrics are very durable and can be used in covered outdoor areas and indoors. Fabric mills use silk screening to print patterns and colors on spun polyester fabrics. Fabrics are printed with colors before sewing. 

A stain by the fabric does not penetrate its reverse side. The only exception is solid colors. Solid colors penetrate the reverse of the material. Fade-resistant, but still prone to fading, these fabrics have a more vibrant color than florals and stripes.

The Sunbrella fabric

Sunbrella Fabric is available in many varieties. It is a little more expensive per yard than Sunbrella fabrics, but they are worth it in sunny areas. Known for its fade resistance, stain resistance, and mildew resistance, Sunbrella Fabric is ideal for upholstery. A Dyed Solution process is used to create Sunbrella Fabrics, acrylic materials. 

Before weaving into yards of fabric, all of the fabric strands are soaked in the chosen color. All the threads of the fabric are coated with dye. It’s the ideal outdoor furniture set for your patio, porch, or sunroom, offering convenience, comfort, and affordable pricing for years to come.

There are two chairs and two ottomans in this 5-piece Wicker Patio Set, all with cushions and a glass-top side table. Clean-lined and elegantly designed, the curved-back chairs invite you to relax. You can use an ottoman as a footrest or an additional seat, then tuck it away for a tidy storage solution.

A sturdy steel frame is covered in brown resin wicker that is all-weather and durable. Polyester outdoor cushions are machine washable with piping along the edges. Very easy to assemble.

Different types of cushions:

Wicker Chair Cushions

In many homes, only cushions cover the seats of medium-sized furniture. Whether you need cushions for your loveseats, chairs, or ottomans, we offer high-quality mid-sized wicker cushions from us. Let us know how large you need them to be, and we will make them for you. They can either be seats only or seats and backs. 

These rocking chair cushions have floral and paisley patterns. They should last for a considerable amount of time since they are made for the outdoors, resistant to UV rays and the weather. Even though the cushioning is polyester, it provides enough cushion to make it incredibly comfortable.

Loveseat cushion

With nine different color options, you should be able to find something that suits your needs. These cushions are made from acrylic, a fiber capable of withstanding weather conditions and UV rays while retaining its integrity.

There are 44 inches of width and 19 inches of depth on this loveseat cushion. Polyester fibers are used to fill, while the geometric design is also fun. If the fabric has stains, it can also be hand washed or gently wiped clean.

Outdoor Cushions for Bench Classic Accessories

Polyester fabric covers the cushion in a solution-dyed fabric coated and backed with water-resistant material. 

The outer seams are double-stitched, as are the inner seams, and the three-layer dense foam is supportive. There are multiple sizes and colors available, plus quilted and non quilted versions. Piping is attached to the cushion. 

How to Clean Your Cushion for Wicker Patio Furniture:

Method of spot cleaning

A clean cushion is an essential part of taking care of wicker furniture. It is necessary to test the colorfastness of any cushion’s underside before performing any serious spot cleaning.

Depending on whether your fabric is colorfast, you should use a different amount of detergent. If any stains remain, gently dab them until they fade. In cases where it has set in, scrubbing the area with a toothbrush may be necessary.

 Scrub the area with the brush and soapy solution, then spray the area with clean water and allow it to dry naturally.

An in-depth cleaning  

It may be necessary sometimes to deeply clean the cushions. You will ensure the longevity of your wicker furniture. Most of the time, this is done every year, but some do it only during specific year periods. Based on its level of use and how dirty it is, you may have to clean your furniture more frequently.

A little laundry detergent added to warm water is beneficial for deep cleaning your bathtub. Add less than half the solution to the bathtub before you start cleaning. Make sure the cushions are fully submerged in an acrylic tub of soapy water after the water is soapy.

To keep wicker chairs in their best shape, it is essential to correctly choose and care for the cushions. You should select the material of the covers for the wicker loveseat based on how you will use them indoors, and the cushions should be cleaned and maintained throughout the year. Finally, the cushions should be replaced when they are worn out.

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