Wicker Patio Furniture Set – Best Picks for a Stylish Backyard 2022

Wicker Furniture Set

It’s warm outside, and you need somewhere to sit! The wicker patio furniture set in your backyard looks like it could use an upgrade, and there are so many options out there that you’re not sure where to start. You want the right patio furniture set to make the most of your garden and to take advantage of warm weather while it lasts, but what should you look for? It’s summer, and with the warm weather comes opportunities to enjoy yourself by eating and entertaining yourself outdoors.

Materials Used in Wicker Patio Furniture Set

Wicker patio furniture set is made with materials like rattan, typically created from palm leaves. Outdoor wicker furniture can last many years if well-maintained, so you may want to invest in high-quality pieces. This can include finding items that are both water and mold-resistant. There are different types of wickers, including outdoor or indoor patio furniture set wicker. The materials used make all of these variations unique, and you should choose based on your style preferences and climate conditions.

You will need a soft brush, mild soap, warm water, and a clean cloth. Be sure not to use too much pressure when cleaning wicker patio furniture sets because you could damage them. Also, avoid using abrasive cleaners because they can dull colors over time. After cleaning off dirt and debris, use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe down each piece individually before drying with another clean cloth. You may also want to consider using weatherproofing spray after washing to help protect against rain and moisture damage.

How to Choose the Best One

Wicker patio furniture sets are an excellent way to change your outdoor experience completely. They also add value to your home and make it look more stylish. You may go through several patio wicker furniture sets before choosing one that is right for you. Because there are some things, you should know first before jumping into something as important as buying a new patio wicker furniture set. It would help if you consider a few things when buying a patio furniture wicker set so that you choose wisely. The first thing you need to consider is how much space you have available in your patio or garden.

If you already own patio furniture. Then it would be good if they matched each other and gave off a nice appearance. So, make sure that whatever kind of patio wicker furniture set you buy has a matching table or chairs. The next thing to consider is how many people will use these patio wicker furniture sets. If there will only be two people using them. Then getting small chairs and tables would be fine. But if many people use them, bigger ones would fit better.

Types of Wicker Furniture

While wicker refers to the style or woven pattern of the textiles used to make the furniture, there are different kinds of wicker furniture that are ideal to use outdoors or indoors, depending on where you want your wicker furniture to be.

Paper Wicker Patio Furniture Set

Paper wicker furniture is pretty delicate and you should care for it extensively. Most paper wicker furniture sets must keep indoors. As these sets can fray or warp very easily if they get even the slightest bit of moisture on them. These are also more delicate to sit on. So, if you have an antique set of wicker furniture, it will most likely only be decoration and not functional.

This is great if you just need to add a focal piece into space or have an antique-themed area within your home. But not so great if you need a functional furniture set. A great tip when shopping for outdoor patio furniture is to think beyond just one piece at a time. For example, instead of buying one chair at a time over several months. Or even years, buy an entire group of chairs all at once.

Resin Wicker Furniture Set

Resin wicker furniture is both lovely to look at and highly durable. These heavy wicker furniture patio sets would do well outdoors under a covered or gazebo. These types of wicker furniture sets are most commonly found in gardens to provide relax sitting area. Since this furniture is made of resin, it can handle a bit of moisture, but if it is glaze, the sun can have a chip impact over time. It’s best to keep this kind of wicker furniture under a covering to preserve it longer. Also, remember that resin wicker furniture sets are cumbersome. So you will probably need some help if you’d like to move your furniture set at any time.

Wicker Patio Furniture Set

Plastic Wicker Patio Furniture Set

The plastic patio wicker furniture sets are not as popular as their counterparts, but it has been gaining popularity in recent years. The plastic material is more durable than rattan and will last longer outdoors. It also comes in various colors and styles, so you can find one that matches your existing patio furniture or deck decor.

A plastic wicker patio furniture set is likely to hold up better than other types of outdoor patio sets. Plus, plastic does not absorb water like wood, so it will not warp or rot over time. However, if you want to use your outdoor patio set year-round, consider purchasing one made from aluminum instead of plastic since it can withstand cold temperatures better than plastic.

Wood Wicker Furniture Set

Wooden wicker furniture sets are highly rare and a bit harder to care for. But they look beautiful and can easily paint. These sets of wicker furniture should protect with shellac or clear coating to keep them dry from the elements if you are placing them outside.

It should also be kept from moisture so that it would be best under a patio or gazebo. Caring for your wooden wicker furniture indoors should also be carefully considered, as this furniture tends to attract wood-eating pests like bugs. Simple shellac or clear coat will also help keep your wooden wicker furniture set free from dust and other pests to help preserve its longevity of it.

How to Care for Wicker Furniture?

Wicker patio furniture sets should be well-cared to maintain their beauty and functionality. Find out how you can do that. Excessive exposure to rain, snow or direct sunlight will fade the color and quality of wicker furniture.

It needs regular treatment with a protective substance such as a wood preserver. If you use umbrellas, sunscreen, or sprinklers in your outdoor areas, you may need to re-coat your outdoor living space more often than usual. To protect against fading and cracking, apply a clear sealer every year. You can also leave your wicker patio furniture sets outdoors all year round.

If you live in an area with no risk of frost or freezing temperatures during the winter months. However, if you are storing them indoors for any time during the winter months, ensure they are completely dry. Also, avoid leaving them under cover without protection from moisture build-up from condensation, which could cause molding.

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