Wicker Table With Glass Top Reviews

Choosing the wicker table with glass top is challenging since there are many options from different brands. 

With our wicker table with a glass top, you’ll always have your drink handy in the sun this summer. This charming open drum side table complements indoor and outdoor decor with its smooth, wicker finish. It is the perfect place to hold a tray of snacks or some lemonade. It features an iron frame and edgy modern boho design, which will make your patio look stylish all summer long.

How Much is a Wicker Table Glass Top?

Depending on size, period, and other factors, wicker table glass top prices can range from $353 to $6,400, with a median of $1,450.

Finding the Right Wicker Table with Glass Top 

You can accentuate any room in your house with the right vintage, new, or antique tables. We have seen a broadening range of wicker tables with glass tops at homepath.com over the years, and our specific requirements for said tables have also evolved. Nowadays, you can find a dining room table that shines just as brightly as the guests gathered around it with various shapes, materials, and styles of these must-have furnishings.

You must take space around the table into consideration, as well, when shopping for wicker tables with glass tops; consider an oval dining table if your space is tight. A Regency-style dining table, on the other hand, can elevate any formal dinner if you have the space for one.

Innovative furniture makers and designers have also revolutionized the design of tables. 

Whatever shape or size your table might take, it can speak volumes about your sense of style. You can tell a lot about yourself by your table, from a Ping-Pong table to a Louis Vuitton steamer trunk for a touch of nostalgia. A coffee or cocktail table can be a room’s focal point with eye-catching colors and details. 

Thanks to the glass varieties, your hardwood floors, and dazzling area rugs will be on display. Marble or stone coffee tables, on the other hand, are suitable to display decorative objects and art books. You can add a bit of spice and sophistication to your work life with a vintage desk or writing table. 

If you’re looking for a quality table for your living space that fulfils both form and function, browse the wide selection of mid-century tables, vintage bedside tables, and more at homepath.com.


A delightful companion for your outdoor seating will complete your patio set. Metal framing and rattan wrap make this piece durable and stylish. Thanks to its beautiful tempered glass top, you can easily sit outside with a glass of lemonade and some snacks on a warm sunny day.


BOHO: Combining a beautifully textured rattan wrap with a drum shape, our side table provides an excellent surface for stability while bringing a chic boho touch to your patio decor.

POLYETHYLENE RATTAN: This style consists of durable and breathable fabric. Material such as this blends seamlessly with outdoor décor due to the handcrafted details.

TEMPERED GLASS: This Wicker table with a glass top has a transparent surface made from tempered glass. This material is stronger and safer than regular glass, meaning it is less likely to break or shatter.

METAL FRAME: This wicker table with a glass top has a powder-coated iron frame making it incredibly durable to withstand heavy usage. If it rains, please cover this or store it indoors when it is weather-resistant.

DIMENSIONS: Pick an accessory that fits your furniture and your needs. The dimensions of this table are 15.50″ W x 15.50″ D x 15.50″ H. With just a few of these tables, you will be amazed at how much your space will change.

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